Here are the sample Flavor descriptions of some of the currently used specifications.

Next/Sun - This is a self-describing audio file format developed by Sun Microsystems. (Download)

AIFF/AIFC - Audio Interchange File Format/AIFF - C. (Download)

WAVE - Microsoft's RIFF Wave audio file format. (Download)

GIF87 - Graphics Interchange Format, 1987. (Download)

MPEG-1 Systems - MPEG-1 Systems bitstream format. (Download)

MPEG-1 Video - MPEG-1 Video bitstream format. (Download)

MPEG-1 Audio - MPEG-1 Audio bitstream format. (Download)

MPEG-2 Systems (Program Stream) - MPEG-2 Systems (PS) bitstream format. (Download)


Binary Arithmetic Coder (BAC) Descriptions

CACM - The BAC described in "Arithmetic Coding for Data Compression", by Witten et al., Communications of the ACM, 1987. (Download)

TOIS - The BAC described in "Arithmetic Coding Revisited", by Moffat et al., ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 1998. (Download)

MPEG-4 Shape - The BAC specified in the MPEG-4 (Video) shape coding standard. (Download)

Q-Coder - The BAC described in "An Overview of the Basic Principles of the Q-Coder Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coder", by Pennebaker et al., IBM J. Res. Develop., 1988. (Download)

QM-Coder - The BAC specified in the JBIG/JPEG standard. (Download)

MQ-Coder - The BAC specified in the JBIG2/JPEG2000 standard. (Download)

M coder - The BAC specified in the CABAC entropy coding scheme of the H.264 standard. (Download)



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